What is Thorn whip 5e?

Thorn Whip is a piercing spell that you can cast from afar. The person who throws it must use their spell hit modifier to make an attack roll against an enemy they can see. If the spell hits, it does damage, and if the creature it hits is no bigger than Large, the person who casts the spell can pull it up to 10 feet toward them. You make a long whip that looks like a vine-covered in thorns. When you tell it to, it lashes out at a nearby creature.

Casting time

The Thorn Whip is a strong spell for close combat. The Thorn Whip is strong when used alone, but you can also use it with allies to make stories. It can also draw an enemy close so you can attach it when you are close enough.

When you cast Thorn Whip, it lasts for an instant. Depending on what the DM wants, you can use this spell to move things. It doesn’t choke the person it’s aimed at, but it can damage things like tankards of ale. Even though it seems strong, it isn’t very good at choking something.


All The Interesting Facts About Thorn Whip 5e Spell DnD

The Thorn Whip is a whip made of thorns that looks like a vine. When this weapon is used, it lashes out at a nearby creature, damaging and possibly moving things. Even though this weapon can’t hurt a tankard of ale, it can still kill you. With this weapon, a DM can move a big thing, like a mountain, to make it more dangerous.

Thorn Whip is a ranged attack that does more damage as you level up. It can hit things up to 30 feet away and does damage right away.


The thorn whip is a powerful close-range weapon that can hang an enemy in the air and make them fall in a straight line. The Associated Press explains how they can use this deadly weapon. To hit an NPC who is not a player, the player must roll a DC. When a player hits a target, the Thorn Whip is wrapped around its neck. Even though this weapon usually kills the person it hits, its effects are often very bad.


That can use to attack a nearby creature. Depending on what the DM wants, it can even move things around. The thorn whip 5e can hurt, but it can also move things, such as tanks of ale. Using the Thorn Whip is a healthy way to help a friend out of a tough spot. It makes 1d6 points of damage at the 5th level and 2d6 issues at the 11th and 17th levels.


The Thorn Whip does piercing damage to enemies 1d4 or farther away. Even though this spell is a melee attack, it does not make the target vulnerable to an attack of opportunity. If used correctly, it will pull a nearby creature into a place where it can do damage.

The thorn whip 5e is a melee attack that has a range of 30 feet and does piercing damage. Any character who wants to use this powerful can trip should pick this option because they can also use it to fight from a horse.


A Thorn Whip is a helpful tool to have on hand in case a friend gets into a tough spot. The thorn whip 5e’s vines damage an opponent’s hit points, then pull back and do no more damage than they did at the beginning. The thorns don’t hurt items that aren’t magical, but they are strong enough to make positioning difficult and force players into traps.

Who can use Thorn Whip?

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Thorn Whip can be cast by both Druids and Artificers at level 1. When a bard gets to level 10, they can use Magical Secrets to get the Thorn Whip.

When and where do I use the Thorn Whip spell?

Thorn Whip is an excellent damaging spell because it does a lot of damage and can move enemies around at the will of the person casting it.

What’s the point of taking Thorn Whip?

You should take Thorn Whip if you have a strong front line that you can use to pull your enemies around. It doesn’t do very little damage, but moving people around is a much more useful ability, especially for a can trip-level spell.

How to Use the Thorn Whip Spell in Other Ways

In DND, there are a lot of rules about how to use the Thorn Spell in the right way. The following tips will tell you everything you need to know about the spell, the 5e Thorn Whip only lasts for one turn, you can only use it to hang an enemy in combat. As long as you stay near the spell, you can grab the enemy by the neck and pull the affected creature. The spell is over once the whip draws the animal. A Whip 5e can grab the creature you want to hold, even if your hands are empty.

Can a person be hung from the Thorn Whip?

It can’t do that because of how long it lasts. And they use gravity and a branch to lift the person they are fighting. The 5e vine whip lasts only one second. So, the spell can’t be held on to. Let’s say the whip has already pulled the animal once. There, the spell ends. This spell doesn’t last long enough to use as a climbing rope or to strangle a monster.

Wrapping Up

You can target any creature, no matter how far away it is, with the Thorn Spell. You can hit the target from wherever you stand as D&D Thorn Whip 5e Spell has twice as far as it can reach to cast its spell. We hope everything about the D&D Thorn Whip Spell 5e is clear. Don’t forget to share your own stories, too. People are waiting to read your review.



Do you have to pull the target with Thorn Whip?

Yes, however if you wish, you can change the distance to the destination to zero.

Is the damage done by Thorn Whip magical?

Spell-inflicted damage is always considered magical for the purposes of applying appropriate resistances. Damage dealt by a Summon Beast or similar summoned creature may not be considered magical.

Can I use Thorn Whip when I have the chance?

Thorn Whip is a spell that, once cast, lets the player use the whip as a close-range weapon. It’s not an attack with a weapon.

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