The Best smoke spots dust 2 Game?

Mastering the optimal arcs and locations for your best smoke spots dust 2, one of CS: most GO’s played levels, can significantly boost your performance. Smoke grenades are a crucial part of any Counter-Strike player’s arsenal. They allow you to make your own angles in any fight by blocking off crucial lines of sight.

In addition, they are crucial for advancing in specific zones in CS: GO. Knowing the finest smoke areas in a crucial map like Dust 2 gives you a significant advantage over your opponents, regardless of whether you are a novice player just starting out or a seasoned pro with years of expertise. This CS: GO tutorial is focused solely on the Dust 2 Smoke Spots; for information on the Dust 2 Grenade Spots, please see our dedicated hub page.

Favorite places to Counter-Strike

Favorite places to light up in the dust If you’re a fan of multiplayer first-person shooters, you’ve probably heard of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO). Players in CS: GO have access to a wide selection of maps and arenas, with Dust 2 being the clear favorite. The Dust 2 map is well-liked by CS:GO players since it is accessible to newcomers while yet providing a fun experience for veterans.

Whether you’re a complete newbie or an experienced pro, you’ll need to familiarise yourself with the best smoking locations across the Dust 2 landscape. If you are familiar with the best spots to generate smoke on Dust 2 in CS: GO, you can use it to temporarily obscure your opponent. To make your life easier, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best smoke locations on Dust 2 that the vast majority of professional CS: GO players are currently using.

Smokes in the Dust 2: Counter-Strike Global Offensive Map

CS:GO Smokes Tutorial - Dust 2 Long A for Terrorist side - YouTube

The smoke grenades you can locate all around the map and utilize all throughout the Dust 2 area are one of the best pieces of equipment in CS: GO. Smoke grenades are used to obscure your movements from the adversary and prevent them from attacking while you are on the move.

Taking control of the bomb sights using the smoke grenades will allow you to do it without taking any damage.

The smoke grenade will roll about on the ground a few times before exploding. The number of times the smoke grenade bounces before exploding is determined by the thrower’s angle and style.

Smoke can also be used to disable grenades or Molotov cocktails that can be found in certain areas. The smoke grenade will extinguish the flames of an incendiary grenade or Molotov if thrown in its direction. Smoke grenades can be used to extinguish flames.

Within the Buy Period, 300 credits can be used to acquire smoke grenades. If you put it in the right area, especially on the Dust 2 map of CS: GO. Any player who comes into contact with this devastating grenade can now drop and pick it up, according to a recent update in CS:GO.

Practice Game With Smoke Grenades

It is recommended that you practice utilizing smoke grenades in various locations across the Dust 2 map in CS:GO before bringing them into a real game. Simply navigate to the Game Tab within the Options Menu.

The Developer Console’s toggle switch will be available. If a pull-down menu appears, choose Yes. In order to enter commands for the mock match, a Console Menu will appear. The Tilda key on the keyboard can be used to access the game’s console menu.

To put it simply, it’s not hard at all. Make sure the ” The Best Way to Learn to Throw Smoke in CS: GO

Developer Console” option is checked in the game’s options, then use the tilde key () to bring down the console and enter map de dust2 before pressing the Enter button. After logging in, enter bot kick into the console to kick all other players out of the game. Then, enter these commands: SV cheats 1, mp roundtime defuse 60, mp freeze time 0, mp restart game 1, SV infinite ammo 1, provide weapon smoke grenade, SV grenade trajectory 1. This will offer you a long round to practice on, a limitless supply of smoke bombs, and a trail that shows where they’ve been.

Smoke on Dust 2 in CS: GO.

Best Smoke Spots for Dust 2 in 2021 - Essential Lineups, Detailed Guide

Dust 2 is the most played map in CS: GO. Therefore it’s important to get to know it and find out where you may utilize the best smoke spots dust 2 Grenade to alter the course of a match.

We’ll be upfront and tell you that there are many excellent places to light up in Dust 2. We’ll just discuss the most crucial ones here. Remember that it may take some experience to master the art of timing them correctly.

We’ll give you a full rundown on holding, aiming, and releasing the Smoke Grenade.

Smoke grenade training in CS: GO can begin by loading the Dust 2 map. As soon as you enter the game, a number of bots will appear for you to practice against. The bots will immediately leave the game if the Bot Kick command is entered into the console.

The Two Dusty Smoking Areas

In this Counter-Strike: Global Offensive guide, We’ll go through the best places to take cover from smoke throws in the updated Dust 2 map. All of the dust 2 smoke places discussed above are accessible on both 64-tick and 128-tick servers. It’s important to remember that you’ll need to use a leaping throw to access some smoke pillars in Dust 2.

Holding down the left mouse button will remove the pin from the smoke. Allowing you to then jump and let go of the smoke at the peak of your flight.

A running throw may also be required. To accomplish this, you need to get ready to release your smoke and advance a few paces. Because of this, your throws will have slightly more forward momentum. Finally, a combination of the two is required in some situations for extra-special smoke effects: a running leap throw.


After Operation Riptide, we’ll get to our recommendations for the finest places to light up in Dust 2.

A few commands and parameters must be applied to the map. Before you can begin practicing smoke grenade places in Dust 2.

To begin, access the Options menu and select the Game submenu item. Locate the option to “Enable Developer Console,” and then select “Yes” from the corresponding drop-down menu. Inputting the commands is as simple as opening the terminal menu that appears. To access the game’s console menu, hit the Tilde () key on your keyboard.

Open the game’s console and enter map de dust 2 to begin training on Dust 2. When you hit the “Enter” key, a friendly match against the computer bots will start. Type bot kick into the console to kick the bots out of the game.


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