How to Use the 5e Spell Word of Radiance?

How to Use the 5e Spell Word of Radiance?

The Fifth Word of Light word of radiance 5e is one of the characters on fire. This spell makes a small fireball go off when you say a holy word. It’s a blast to use. The only difference between Word of Radiance and Thunderclap is that Word of Radiance lets you choose a creature within 5 feet of you to target. We’ve discussed the bad things about the Word of Radiance spell and its finer points.

WORD OF RADIANCE 5E is an attack can trip for the cleric class. It was first seen in Guide to everything. Word of radiance affects all enemies within 5 feet of the person who casts it. They try to save their health by making a saving throw. As with all attack can trips, the damage of this spell goes up as the character levels.

The target of the Word of Radiance spell should be within 5 feet of it. This spell is for clerics, so battle clerics will be the ones it is used. This spell is best for Clerics who specialize in either War or Life. When you have good armor and can cast spirit guardians, you can reach level 5. You can use your bonus action to attack by casting a spirit weapon. You can use Word of Radiance at the same time.

Word of brightness 5e

Think about a 5th-level cleric with Wisdom of 16 surrounded by three tough creatures. Even without magic, his AC should be 17 or higher. There is something terrible about this. Because these spells let you leave people out, you might be able to handle more than one level 5 clerics simultaneously, but their effects will clash. You can give one goal to all four clerics. It means that 13d8 + 6d6 + 12 can be used on a single target each round.

Radiance only slows things down and makes it harder to get away. Creatures with a CR of 5 have a classic look and can heal about 100 hit points. These four clerics have high AC and do between 75 and 100 damage each turn. If your four clerics are surrounded, they could take 4000 damage per round. That is a handy machine for killing.

When to use the Word of Radiance spell

DnD 5e Spell: Word Of Radiance 5e | Use, Suitability & Drawbacks

In any game, it’s great to have spells that hurt more than one person. That is true for D&D as well. This spell is excellent for you in a crowd because you can choose who to hit within a 5-foot radius. This spell is a huge relief, to be honest. Most spells do their damage without caring about who they hurt. Anything in the blast zone is fair game, and you usually have to hope that your allies are ready to make a saving throw or take some damage.

First, the spell Bane will help you make your word of radiance work better.

This 1st-level concentration spell makes up to three creatures take a d4 saving throws for as long as the spell is active. It depends on a charisma saving throw, but when we look at the averages, those are much better. We end up with a nice little combo where we weaken our targets before using the word radiance. That d4 might not seem like much, but it will help you greatly, especially at lower levels when a creature’s bonus to saving is four or less.

Who Should Read Word of Radiance?

The word of radiance 5e can only use this spell, l have to say clerics. This spell works especially well for clerics whose main goal is to keep their allies safe and out of danger. First of all, can trips that deal damage are good for clerics who don’t already use their weapons a lot. Even if you are the cleric who runs into battle with your sword drawn, you can still use this spell. But in those situations, you’ll probably depend more on spells that make your weapons stronger.

So, let’s talk about the other cleric that is one of the three can trips that clerics can use to do damage. The other two are “Toll the Dead” and “Sacred Flame.” All three of these spells depend on saving throws, but each works differently.  Toll the Dead deals 1d8 or 1d12 damage to a single target, depending on how well the user does on a Wisdom saving throw.

That means that word of radiance is the only cleric can trip that can hurt more than one target.

DnD Cleric 5E class guide – domains, spells, and builds | Wargamer

Even though it might be a bit of a risk, this is your best and only option as a cleric if you want to fight more than one enemy at once without using spell slots from higher levels. The only thing clerics have to do is heal. Some builds are perfect, but they only do damage occasionally with big spells. Word of Radiance or any other cantrip isn’t needed for that build to work. They are strong because they help their allies win and hurt their enemies.

The best word for this is builds.

The exciting thing is that the subclass you choose doesn’t change much about how good this spell will be. The most important thing is that you take the variant Blessed Strikes feature at level 8 so that your can  trips can do an extra 1d8 damage.

If it has banned variant features, you can take any domains that give you Potent Spell casting, which lets you add your proficiency bonus.

The last thing to think about is how it tastes. Look at what the spell adds to the character in terms of depth. Toll the Dead doe’s damage that comes from dead things, while word of radiance 5e and Sacred Flame do damage that comes from light.


That being said! If you know of other ways to use this can trip or have a great story about it, please leave it in the comments so I and everyone else who reads this article can hear it. So, I hope you all have a great day, and, as always, good luck with your spells. I’ll be in touch soon about the level 1 spells coming out sooner than you might think.

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